Meet Our Team

FF2 Media® LLC is an award-winning all-woman team of arts critics who, prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, used to review every film either written &/or directed by a woman that had a commercial release in a Manhattan theatre—regardless of genre, language, nation of origin, or subject matter. We also covered film festivals, re-releases and retrospectives and other special events as time permitted.

FF2 has been represented at prominent film events such as the Academy Awards, the Athena Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Toronto International Film Festival. FF2 has contributors from all around the world. We are currently expanding to cover additional art forms that fall within the categories of applied arts, literary arts, performing arts, and visual arts. (See more below.)

As FF2 critics, we represent the receiving end of the work created by women artists. We believe that women artists are all around us, searching for their audiences.

Art is “dyadic” meaning art takes two: the artist and her audience. Our goal is to serve as curators who nurture the necessary handshake between women artists and women in the audience. Through our coverage of art made by women, we show our commitment to the “International SWANs” agenda = Support Women Artists Now!


Note: The terms “woman/women” depend solely on self- identification.

Jan Lisa Huttner
Amelie Lasker
Anna Nappi
Beatrice Viri
Dayna Hadgewood
Farah Elattar
Julia Lasker
Katherine Factor
Katusha Jin
Nicole Ackman
Roza Melkumyan
Stephanie Taylor
Sophia Jin

FF2 Media Alumnae

Angela Stern
Anika Guttormson
Brigid Presecky
Carlotta Plys-Garzotto
Danielle Solzman
Georgiana Presecky
Giorgi Plys-Garzotto
Hannah Mayo
Katherine Cutler
Lesley Coffin
Lindsy Bissonnette
Maiya Pascouche
Malin Jörnvi
Nikoleta Morales
Nora Lee Mandel
Pamela Powell
Rachel Mosely

Note: FF2’s goal is to support women artists working in all media & every modality.

  • Applied Arts: Artists who specialize in creating a performance space by designing costumes, lighting, makeup &/or sets, plus cinematographers, composers, playwrights/screenwriters, scenographers, etc.
  • Literary Arts: Artists who specialize in creating work intended for the page, be that “page” in a book or magazine—either digital or in print—including memoirs, novels, poems, short stories, etc.
  • Performing Arts: Artists who specialize either on stage or behind-the-scenes in the presentation of concert music, dance, film, oral storytelling, spoken word poetry, theater, etc.
  • Visual Arts: Artists who specialize in creating work intended for exhibit in galleries and museums as well as commercial and religious spaces (etc) including ceramics, fibers, mosaics, murals, painting, photography, sculpture, stained glass, etc.

Please note: Descriptions above are not exhaustive of each category and categories sometimes overlap.