Jan’s Athena 2018: Bigger & Better Every Year at Barnard’s AFF

What did Swiss filmmaker Petra Volpe say that made me laugh so hard that I almost peed my pants in front of a full auditorium? I can’t remember. I just know that in a weekend of superlative moments, my Q&A with Petra after our FF2 Media-sponsored screening of The Divine Order (see featured photo above) was a peek experience!

Photo Credits: Most photos were taken by me on my iPhone. The photo of the FF2 Media team was taken by proud hubby Rich Miller immediately after The Divine Order Q&A. The photo of me & Petra was taken by the AFF ’18 team. The photo of me with all the FF2 team passes was taken by a kind stranger who just happened to be passing by 😉

FF2 Media Team Photo (Clockwise from the top): Me, Valerie Complex (my friend from NYFCO = NY Film Critics Online), Erika Howard (my friend from NYWIFT = NY Women in Film & TV), Farah Elattar (2018 Intern from Rutgers University), Kimi Kay Kumar (2016 Intern from Hunter College), Amelie Lasker (2016-2018 Intern from Columbia University), Julia Lasker (2018 Intern from Barnard College), & Kathy Cutler (2018 Intern from Pratt University).

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